About Us



to build a good relationship with our customers to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our customers with customer satisfaction, product excellence, and technology innovation.


To create local opportunity, growth and impact our customers and local supplier with quality and affordable prices.

Core Values

-respect and integrity
-customer satisfaction
-competitive market price
-excellent service

Our Policy

1. Gestech and its affiliates intend to become EASTERN AFRICA preferred technology partner
2. Being in the technology industry Gestech limited will offer real innovative solutions to it’s customers
3. Employing accomplished man power and high-end technology that sustains a profitable business to our customers
4.we are honest,open and transparent in all our dealings with our customers
5. We ensure our customers are served promptly to facilitate the continuity of their business
6. We seek to pursue teamwork as a means of building understanding and cooperation in our internal and external relationship with our customers
7. We shall always consider safety as a number one priority for customers